Employees are Happier with Uniforms

Employees are Happier with Uniforms

Employees Are Happier With Uniforms

It’s no joking matter—happy employees are proven to be more productive! Although a great uniform program won’t be the only factor in employee happiness, it definitely can play a huge role in making sure that your building functions properly and effectively. So, take our advice and have a plan up your sleeve; Ace It with a uniform rental program from Ace ImageWear.

We're all in this together

First and foremost, uniforms help employees feel like they’re all on the same team. There’s something about a crisp, branded uniform shirt that can build some serious camaraderie in your building. When your employees look and feel good and uniforms build a sense of professionalism, your group can come together as one to tackle any obstacle. There’s real power in feeling like you’re a part of something significant, and we love that our uniform offerings can help build that.

Timely and complete deliveries with TrAce

With a uniform program from Ace, you can expect your order to be exact. With our TrAce mobile app, you’re able to immediately access your uniform program information and submit your own repair or replacement requests and size changes, view your garment history, and see what’s coming to you next. Our technology-forward mobile application ensures that you and your team receive complete deliveries, eliminating stress of monitoring your program. Less stress = happier!

Clean and comfy

Let’s be honest. There’s a certain level of relief that comes with knowing you don’t have to launder your work clothes. It’s one less thing to worry about at home and to carry with you into the workplace. All of our uniforms are properly cleaned and steamed in our facility, ready to meet your needs and give off a great first impression to new customers. We also offer durable and comfortable fabrics, so your employees don’t have to worry about working through the day in an itchy or rough uniform; again, just one more thing to be happy about!

Ace ImageWear’s comprehensive uniform programs can really help foster a strong sense of commitment and excitement for whatever your work days hold. Leave the laundering to us, make it easy for your employees to dress for work, and support the team all at the same time. By taking the stress out of uniforms and workwear, your workers have more time to focus on the work ahead, be more productive, and enjoy their position.

Our process is easy, our uniforms are sleek, and we’re ready to help however we can. Switch to Ace ImageWear today and prioritize employee happiness.