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Ace ImageWear stands tall as a leading provider of proficient uniform services in Kansas City, Missouri. We supply customized, quality solutions that amplify your business's visibility while ensuring the comfort and safety of your employees. Explore our comprehensive uniform services for different industries in Kansas City. Don't hesitate to get in touch for a personalized consultation!

Automotive Uniforms

We offer durable automotive uniforms tailored to handle the demands of the industry and endorse a professional image. From automotive technician shirts, trousers, and jackets to coveralls, our wide range of clothing can be modified to reflect your brand and fulfill your particular needs.

Bioscience Uniforms

Understanding the importance of safety and hygiene in the bioscience domain, our selection of bioscience uniforms includes lab coats, scrubs, cleanroom garments, and protective equipment. All of these comply with industry regulations, ensuring your workforce remains safe while maintaining a professional demeanor.

Corporate Apparel

Make a lasting impression with our high-quality corporate clothing line. Whether it's dress shirts, blouses, polos, slacks, or skirts, our versatile range can be customized with your company's logo and colors, promoting a cohesive brand image.

Food Processing Uniforms

Ace ImageWear prioritizes safety and hygiene in the food processing sector by offering a range of uniforms that abide by HACCP and FDA guidelines. Our products like smocks, aprons, coveralls, and hair and beard nets equip your staff to maintain a clean working environment.

FR Garments

We provide FR garments for roles requiring fire-resistant clothing. Our selection includes coveralls, shirts, trousers, and jackets. Each complies with industry safety norms. This helps protect your employees and reduce potential workplace hazards.

High Vis and Safety Apparel

We focus on ensuring your workforce's safety and visibility at Ace ImageWear. Our collection of high visibility and safety clothing includes vests, jackets, shirts, and trousers in various colors and reflective materials, keeping your employees safe and noticeable.

Manufacturing & Industrial Uniforms

Our uniforms designed for manufacturing and industrial work are built to withstand job demands and promote a professional image. Choose from durable work shirts, trousers, coveralls, and jackets, all customizable to fit the specific demands of your industry.

Petrochemical Uniforms

In the petrochemical sector, safety and durability take center stage. We offer a variety of uniforms such as FR garments, coveralls, and high-visibility clothing that cater to the unique demands and safety norms of this demanding industry.


Equip your team with suitable outerwear for all weather conditions. Our offering includes jackets, coats, rain gear, and cold-weather clothing, all of which can be customized to showcase your company's logo and colors.

Transportation & Logistics Apparel

Recognizing the importance of comfort, durability, and safety in the transportation and logistics industry, our uniform collection features cargo pants, work shirts, high-visibility vests, and jackets, ensuring your employees stay stylish and comfortable throughout their shifts.

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For top-notch uniform service in Kansas City, MO, Ace ImageWear is your best choice. With our wide array of customizable uniforms tailored to different industries, we're ready to enhance your business image while ensuring employee safety and comfort. Reach out today for a tailored consultation, and let's collaborate to boost your business presence!

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