FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer Available Now

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Announcing FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer, Available for Order Now Order Yours Now 32oz Spray Bottles, $24.75 each Limited supply available to current customers only. Hand hygiene is one of the most important ways to reduce the spread of infection and diseases in the workplace. We’re proud to add this FDA approved spray hand sanitizer to … Read more

Preorder now: Washable & Reusable Safety Face Masks

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Preorder Your Washable & Reusable Face Masks Today Face Mask Details: 2 Ply Construction Mask 100% Polyester Outer Shell 100% Cotton Inner Lining Water Resistant & Antimicrobial Elastic Binding & Elastic Ear Loops Solid Black or Solid White Limited Quantities, Available 10 Piece Minimum Order Estimated 2 Week Delivery Available only to Kansas City Customers … Read more

Customer Service Comparisons, Local vs. National Providers

Customer Service Comparisons, Local vs. National Providers

The recent holiday season reminded us of the power of patience, especially the amount that customer service workers are able to possess. Gift-crazed shoppers and last-minute present poachers put big-box store customer service representatives to the test. Since we’ve all been in the shoes of the shopper before, more or less, we can also remember … Read more

Announcing TrAce: New App Focused on Streamlining Uniform Wearer Communication

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Ace ImageWear is excited to introduce our new web-based app, TrAce. Technology continues to make lives easier, and as leaders in the uniform rental industry, this mobile-friendly application was created for uniform wearers.  TrAce makes streamlining communications and the uniform rental experience more user-friendly and easier to manage than ever. One of the biggest complaints … Read more

Local Uniform Rental Companies Vs National

Local vs. National Uniform Rental Companies When it’s time to decide which business will handle your uniform rental and laundry needs, we know you’re going to want to weigh out all of the possibilities. Customer service, pricing, and completeness of orders commonly rank at the top of the list when choosing your next uniform supplier. … Read more

Uniform Rental & Laundry Services

Uniform Rental & Laundry Services If you own or manage an automotive shop or industrial warehouse in Houston, Texas, Beaumont, Texas, Kansas City, Missouri, or the surrounding communities, choosing your uniform rental service is of prime importance in controlling your company’s image. Your customers want to see clean and neat uniforms on the service personnel … Read more

Automotive Mat Rental and Managed Restroom Services

Automotive Mat Rental and Managed Restroom Services Mat rental, cotton towel rental, and managed restroom services cut costs and save time for those companies in the auto service industry. A comprehensive uniform rental company like Ace Imagewear does them all! We offer customized mats of various types that are specifically designed for garage area and … Read more

3 Reasons You Should be Using Managed Restroom Services

3 Reasons You Should be Using Managed Restroom Services Your business is thriving, but sometimes it is the small things that escape your attention. Your restrooms, for example, could be areas that fall off the radar when you are busy with other, more important matters. Why not outsource the stocking of supplies to these areas … Read more

Mat Rental Program

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Mat Rental Program A Mat Rental Program for manufacturing facilities has benefits to the facility, the employees, and the customers. Mat rental solutions not only create organizational efficiency by removing this worry from your operation, but the expertise provided by an industrial mat rental provider can ensure that dirt, oil, grease, and other contaminants stay … Read more

Uniform Repair and Laundry Services

Uniform Repair and Laundry Services One of the many problems to be solved in a manufacturing business is to decide what employees will wear during their time in your facility. Having uniforms that are of one cohesive design, durable, and clean can make all the difference in the world when presenting your company to prospective … Read more