A Perfect Uniform for Every Industry

When it comes to high-quality uniforms and garments, Ace ImageWear has you covered, no matter your industry. As a local business that’s been around for over 90 years, we have a pulse on the thriving industries in our area. Not only do we have a general understanding of the common wants and needs of each … Read more

What Happens When Employees Wear Their Own Clothes?

Suppose you partner with a uniform rental provider that doesn’t use high-quality fabrics. In that case, your uniforms are probably uncomfortable, and your team is so distracted by what they’re wearing, they most likely aren’t performing as well. They’re probably thinking about how comfortable their own clothes are! Maybe you or your employees are thinking; … Read more

Going the Distance—A Day in the Life of a Delivery Driver

This is a face you see all the time; the smiling, friendly face of your Ace ImageWear Customer Service Representative (CSR), dropping off your uniforms and striking up a conversation about your business needs. But have you ever wondered just what our incredible CSRs do in a workday?  Let’s take a ride with one of … Read more

In Honor of Our Veterans

At Ace ImageWear, service and dependability are two of our biggest priorities. With over 90 years of experience, we pride ourselves on serving businesses throughout Kansas City, Missouri, and Houston, Texas. That mission of service and dependability are not only applicable to our customers but our employees as well. Ace ImageWear is honored to employ … Read more

The Importance of Technology in Uniform Rental

Importance in Tech

It happens too often in the uniform rental business; your reliable service provider isn’t that reliable – your weekly delivery of uniforms has pieces missing again.  Nothing is more frustrating than incomplete orders. At some point this week, you’re now going to be without uniforms.  Now a decision has to be made, do you show … Read more

Is Your Team Ready for Winter?

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As the popular holiday song goes, “Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the products from Ace are delightful.” Okay, so that’s not exactly how it goes, but your employees could be singing that tune all winter long with jackets and outerwear from Ace ImageWear. Get The Look and The Warmth If you chose Ace … Read more

High vs. Enhanced Visibility: What’s the Difference?

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Do you often hear the terms “high visibility” and “enhanced visibility” used interchangeably? You may not know this, but there is a difference between the two. At Ace ImageWear, we offer both high and enhanced visibility uniforms and garments—and we know which is which.  Importance of High and Enhanced Visibility Uniforms If your team works in … Read more

Tips to Keep Your Floors Clean

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Floors are literally the stomping ground for your business. They see everyone and everything that comes through your doors, including ice, salt, and dirt. All this action can take its toll, causing your floors to look dirty and worn, and can be expensive to repair.  The state of your floors is not only important for … Read more

Save Money, Choose Local

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Up, Up and Away… There it goes!  You mailed out your uniform service check for the national supplier and boom – it’s gone from our local economy.  Off it goes to California, Ohio, Massachusetts or Utah, and just like our youth, it ain’t coming back  Choosing local is the better option. Why? Local businesses provide … Read more

FR Uniforms: Do You Need Them?

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Stay Safe and Up-To-Date with Your Business Safety Protocol There seems to be an acronym for everything these days, making it tough to keep track sometimes. But, for businesses looking for garments in manufacturing, the restaurant industry or others, the term “FR” should be top of mind. What are FR Garments and Do You Need … Read more