Towel & Apron Service in Houston, TX

You might wonder why a top-notch towel & apron service in Houston like Ace ImageWear would be essential for your business. The answer is simple: quality, convenience, and variety. We offer a range of services that will help you maintain a professional image while making your operations smoother.

Towel Service

Ace ImageWear offers a variety of different towels that are each specially tailored for multiple different industries. We offer:

Cotton Shop Towels

If you operate an auto shop, manufacturing plant, or any business where things can get messy, our cotton shop towels are a lifesaver. Not only do they absorb liquids efficiently, but they're also reusable after a thorough wash, making them environmentally friendly. With our towel & apron service in Houston, you'll always have clean towels ready when you need them.

Kitchen and Bar Towels

In a busy kitchen or a lively bar, spills and messes are inevitable. Our high-quality kitchen and bar towels will tackle any mess, from wiping down counters to cleaning up accidental spills. With Ace ImageWear, there's no need to worry about constantly purchasing and laundering towels. We manage all that for you, delivering fresh, clean towels to your establishment regularly.

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels have become a necessity in environments where a standard towel just won’t do the job. Ideal for cleaning glass surfaces, electronics, and delicate equipment, our microfiber towels ensure that you won’t have to deal with annoying lint or scratches. Our towel & apron service in Houston provides a consistent supply, so you'll never be short of what you need.

Bath & Gym Towels

Operating a gym, spa, or hotel in Houston? Bath and gym towels are indispensable. With Ace ImageWear, you can offer your clients plush, high-quality towels that are hygienically laundered and ready for use. This adds an extra layer of comfort and luxury to your services, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Apron Rentals

Aprons may seem like a simple piece of fabric, but they serve as an essential part of many businesses' daily operations. Whether you're in the food industry, arts and crafts, or any other field that requires protective attire, we've got you covered. Our rental services make it convenient for you to always have a fresh set of aprons, tailored to your specific needs. From chef aprons to workshop aprons, our towel & apron service in Houston ensures that you’ll have high-quality, clean aprons available at all times.

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With Ace ImageWear, running out of clean towels or aprons is a thing of the past. Our reliable and efficient towel & apron service in Houston means you can focus on what truly matters: running your business. And since we handle the details of inventory, laundering, and delivery, all you need to do is reach out to us. Contact Ace ImageWear now to sign up for a customized service plan tailored to your business needs. Let us handle the details, so you can focus on delivering exceptional service to your customers. Reach out to us today and discover the Ace ImageWear difference!

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